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Greg and Laura Lohse

Captains and Owners of Schooners Alliance and Serenity

Greg and Laura met working on a tall ship in 1988 and have been sailing together ever since. They have sailed extensively throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean, Bahamas, Great Lakes and the North and South Pacific Oceans.  For much of that time, their specialty has been working aboard tall ships, teaching seamanship and sailing skills to students of all ages and backgrounds.  The Lohses purchased their first schooner in 1989, the year they got married.  Since then they have expanded from owning the 45′ pocket schooner, Delight, to owning 2 passenger carrying schooners, the Serenity, and the Alliance.  They originally began their daysail business with the Delight from Cape Charles on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  In 2000 they purchased the Serenity and upgraded from 6 passengers to 30 passengers.  In 2005 they purchased the Alliance and moved their business to Yorktown at Riverwalk Landing and began Yorktown Sailing Charters.

The Lohses’ chief desire on every cruise is to help each guest feel welcome, relaxed and free to enjoy their cruise by doing as much-or as little-on board as they wish. Their vast experience in teaching tall ship seamanship and navigation enables them to provide a rich learning adventure to all guests who wish to participate in the operation of their craft.  Come join Greg & Laura on their daysails from historic Yorktown, VA during the summer months or on week-long charters in the Caribbean during the winter months.

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