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Your Caribbean Getaway on the Alliance

After a beautiful summer, fall is here and it won’t be long until our sailing season on the Chesapeake and York River comes to an end.

But you don’t have to miss us throughout the 2013 winter. Join us in the Caribbean Sea on board the Alliance as we enjoy the warm Caribbean Sea sun and waters as we sail to the countries of Panama, including the islands of San Blas, Puerto Rico and even Providencia Island off Nicaragua.

There’s a trip for everyone. Whether it’s a sailing from Puerto Rico to Panama in early January, cruising around the San Blas Islands during late January through most of February, which includes a special trip to Provisencia Island in early March, or making the trip to Key West from Panama in mid-March, we’ll love your company on an incredible journey that never gets old.

Imagine cruising around on a tall ship in the Caribbean as if you were a spice trader in the 1600s, except, you’re not working, you’re just relaxing on exhilarating cruise on board a majestic tall ship. Each trip is unique and equally incredible. Check out our Winter Caribbean Cruises and pick a date that’s best for you.

At our destinations, you’ll get a chance to see and spend time exploring the islands and countries where we port.

Cruise packages start at just $1,550 per person for our 10 day 9 night Island Provisencia to Key West package and range to 1,925 per person for the 11 day 10 night San Blas to Isla Providencia package.

For more information, check out our Sailing Cruise Caribbean page or call .

It’s a once-in-a-life time experience you won’t want to miss.

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