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We’re safe and we’ll be home soon

When Yorktown Sailing Charters heard Sandy was coming up the coast this week, we got out of her way and headed up the Pamunkey River to hide out and bunker up for the hurricane on Saturday. After dropping anchor on the Serenity, Captain Greg, Christa, Alex and Laura all boarded the Alliance to stay safe, enjoy each others company and ride out the storm, which was nothing more to us than some pretty gusty winds and heavy rain at times. Both ships are safe without any real bumps or bruises!

Riding out a hurricane in Yorktown would’ve definitely been dicey, but the trip up the Pamunkey was totally worth the cost of staying safe.

Take a look at some of our photos from our trip that can be found on our Facebook page — where you can like us if you haven’t already done so!

Here’s our recent Facebook post on the trip:

“It was a beautiful trip up the river with the fall colors in full swing! We always enjoy coming up here even though it is associated with bad weather. The ships are snugly anchored and we are enjoying a peaceful morning before the rains commence.
We hope to be back in Yorktown on Wednesday to finish our last weekend of the season. Unfortunately Alliance will not be headed to the Caribbean this winter as we did not have enough interest in charters there. We will winter here in Virginia unless something interesting comes up!”

On a very somber note, though, one of our tall ship friends, the HMS Bounty, didn’t make it through Hurricane Sandy. Everyone at Sail Yorktown was saddened to hear the news of the sinking of such a  majestic ship and praying for our friend, Captain Robin Walbridge, will be found alive and well.



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