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Still setting sail

What’s prettier than a sunset sail in the summer time?

A sunset sail on the Chesapeake in the fall!

With only about three weeks left in our sailing season, come out and enjoy one last ride on our majestic 105-foot Alliance ship. We’re still going out twice a day starting at 2 p.m. for the sightseeing day sails, then again at 4:30 to enjoy a pretty fall sunset before heading back to port.

Fall sail season is sometimes much prettier, and definitely more comfortable than the hot temperatures of the summer. With temps ranging from the mid-60s to mid-70s in the day and a little bit cooler toward the evening sail, it makes for a calm and relaxing sail. What’s better than sailing during the cooler temperatures, is seeing the historic sites with the pretty fall foliage that’s beginning to take place in the background.

Also, the early starts to the sail make for a not so late evening, which is always nice if you have to work in the morning or if your children have homework.

So before the Alliance heads to port for the last time in 2012, come snuggle up with a loved one and enjoy a pretty fall sunset on the Yorktown River. You’ll be glad you did.

Right now, we’re scheduled to continue our Yorktown sailing charter through the first weekend of November. To see if we have day sails and sunset sails available, click here.

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