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Chesapeake Bay Sailing Cruises

Yorktown Sailing Charters: Caribbean Sailing Vacations, Panama Cruises and much more!
Are you looking for a Caribbean sailing vacation or Chesapeake Bay cruise that is worth your while? You have come to the right place! Here at Yorktown Sailing Charters, we offer a number of sailing vacations and cruises in the Caribbean, Panama and Chesapeake Bay. The hosts at Yorktown Sailing Charter have over 30 years of sailing experience so you will feel comfortable sailing with them each and every time.

Caribbean Sailing Vacations and more at Yorktown Sailing Charters
Why should you sail with Yorktown Sailing Charters? Our boat tours in Chesapeake Bay are second to none. There are many of different sailing and cruise companies to choose from and Yorktown Sailing Charters realizes this. We let our experience and passion shine no matter what type of sailing package you purchase with us. After you see how seriously we take our customers’ satisfaction, you won’t think twice about cruising with another company again. Check out some of our photo galleries for even more reassurance.

Panama & Chesapeake Bay Cruises offered at Yorktown Sailing Charters
To request more information about our Caribbean sailing vacations, Panama cruises or our Chesapeake Bay cruises, you can reach us by phone at 757-639-1233 or via email at In the meantime, continue browsing through our website for even more information about our boats, tours and your hosts, Greg and Laura. For your convenience, you can buy your tickets online via the link on the left side of this page. We look forward to hearing from and sailing with you in the near future!