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News from Alliance

This past winter in Virginia was the worst in recent memory, with raging storms and snowfall shutting down power grids and wreaking havoc statewide. Or so we heard. The crew of the Alliance ducked all of that, sneaking out of the Chesapeake Bay on a brisk Christmas Eve afternoon. Twelve days later, the Alliance was at anchor in the beautiful San Blas Islands of Panama, the crew frolicking in the eighty degree, crystal clear waters surrounding the colorful coral reefs.

Four months and three countries later, and you can find Alliance back at her berth in Yorktown. We’re sailing daily once again from Riverwalk Landing, and we’ve got all kinds of fun stuff going on this season. May saw the start of our weekly Science sails, a partnership featuring a different speaker from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science aboard Alliance to discuss hot topics affecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed today. Coming up this week, Dr. Deb Steinberg will be discussing plankton and the role it plays in the food chain here in the bay.

In other schooner news, word has reached Yorktown of impending attacks by the marauder Mayhem!

That’s right, folks! The schooners have returned to Yorktown once again, and will continue with the widely popular Captain Mayhem’s School of Piracy. We’re looking forward to working together closely with the pirate camps at the Yorktown Waterman’s Museum, so be on the look out for Mayhem and his band of roving swashbucklers.

A special “thank you” to all of the friends of the ship who have stopped by to welcome us back home! We missed you guys too, and are glad to be back on the York River. See you out there!

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