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Meet the Sail Yorktown crew!

We’re excited to be back in Yorktown and we’re excited about another great crew for the 2013 sailing season!

We have four fun, friendly and intelligent crewmembers back aboard the Alliance to help you have an exhilarating sailing experience on the York River. From knowledge of the area, history of the boat, and just great helpful personalities, it’s great to have the four crewmembers back.

So without further ado, let’s meet some of the crew.

Christa and Alex

Christa and Alex Sail Yorktown

These two rode with us last year, and even rode out Hurricane Sandy when we went up the river to ride out the storm at anchor and stay safe. Here they are pictured at the Mariners Museum after rain wiped away our slate of sails for the day. They’re ready for fun sails all summer.

Christa joined Alliance at the end of last summer after graduating from High School in the Chicago area.  She was new to tall ships but was a quick learner and very enthusiastic.  In her 3 months aboard Alliance last fall she learned the ropes quickly and was a valuable member of the crew.  This past winter she spent 3 months crewing on the schooner Lynx in Florida and has recently come back to the Alliance to start our day sail season with us.  She will be heading back to the schooner Lynx next month to spend the summer sailing in the Great Lakes.  Christa also loves horses and was an avid dressage competitor.  She also loves running, and to draw.  She will be heading to college in Colorado in the fall.

Captain Alex Sail YorktownCaptain Alex Ott will be sailing as Chief Mate or Captain aboard the Alliance and Serenity this season.  Alex has been with the Lohse team for over nine years crewing and captaining the schooners.  He was one of the delivery crew when the Lohses first bought Alliance and brought her to Yorktown in 2005.   Alex was captain of Serenity when she won the Pepsi Americas’ Sail Tall Ship Race in Beaufort NC in 2006! Alex has been working on traditional vessels for the past 15 years and has sailed throughout the Caribbean, North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Great Lakes working aboard various tall ships including the Pride of Baltimore II, US Brig Niagara, Hawaiian Chieftain, and the Privateer Schooner Lynx.   He is a talented engineer and loves a good project!



Captain John-Michael John-Michael will be back after sailing with us last year. Energetic and enthusiastic, JM brings a fun level of energy that excites those around him. He’s a great shipmate and valued member of Yorktown crew.

Currently, John-Michael is on his way back from the US Virgin Islands where he’s delivering his new sailboat back to the Yorktown. He’ll be on board later this month.



Julianna Schooner AllianceThis young sailor is back with us again aboard the Alliance over spring break and will return for part of the summer after she graduates from high school. She’s a fast learner and loves to be out on the water. Next fall she’ll be attending Maine Maritime Academy.  We’re lucky to have such an eager student on board! Julianna also loves to dance and take photographs!

Now that you met our crew, come out and meet our boats! Our daily sails have begun and the Pirate sails will be in full swing in late May. We’re ready set sail all summer long!

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