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Schooners and tall ships will be sailing at the Olympics

Couple of Sail Yorktown ships in the York River

All eyes will be on London tonight as the Olympic opening ceremonies get underway.

So what does that have to do with Yorktown Sailing Charters in the Chesapeake Bay?

Well a fleet of 15 tall ships, including schooners, brigs and luggers, will be floating along the Thames River tonight and throughout the next two weeks of the Olympics, going past London’s O2 stadium to give cruises throughout the day and evening.

According to the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the ships “will provide public cruises and corporate hospitality as they sail between Royal Arsenal Pier in Woolwich and Tower Bridge.”

Some of these tall ships will be responsible for large private parties with elegant catered food by world-renown chefs Richard Corrigan and Ron Blauuw.

Here’s what Councilor Chris Roberts of The Borough of Royal Greenwich had to say about the ships in a London media centre article: “The presence of these stunning tall ships on the Thames on such a scale is a celebration of London and Greenwich’s maritime history. Taking place alongside the main Olympic sites, these ships provide a great opportunity and viewpoint to showcase London’s best qualities at a time of International focus on the capital.”

But the Thames won’t be host to only schooners and other tall ships, massive, million dollar yachts have already made appearances in the Thames for the extremely wealthy to enjoy the Olympics. World News Australia is reporting Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen will have his mammoth, 414-foot, $200 million superyacht cruising around.

Take a look for these mammoth ships, cruising past Olympic venues along the river when you watch the Olympics over the next two weeks. It will probably get you in the mood to hop aboard the Schooner Alliance or the Schooner Serenity and have a nice sail in the Chesapeake Bay or York River.

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