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Engagements and Weddings on the York River

For guys, when it comes time to ask their girlfriends to marry them, figuring out where to ask the question is often times more difficult than getting on a knee and belting out “Will you marry me?”

Some people like to make a scene, like doing it at a busy restaurant, or on the jumbotron at a ball game. Others would prefer it to be a more private occasion.

Either way, the proposal should be romantic, and there’s no better way to make that happen than on a sunset cruise in the York River.

Just last week on board the Schooner Alliance’s sunset cruise, Sail Yorktown guest Keith got down on one knee, in front of his friends and other guests, and asked his girlfriend and co-worker at the Newport News ship yard, Hannah, to marry him.

On the majestic, three-masted tall ship with a picturesque sunset setting over the York River, and the sun’s rays glimmering off the diamonds on the ring, Hannah didn’t hesitate. She said yes.

Schooner Alliance“We fired the cannon in salute and in celebration,” said Laura Lohse, Owner of Sail Yorktown.

Lohse was on board when it happened and although she didn’t see the actually proposal, she knows the routine.

Proposals happen a few times a year on board on the Alliance and Serenity. In fact, last year during the Fourth of July fireworks cruise there were two wedding proposals as the fireworks exploded over the ship.

“We love it,” she said. “It’s always awesome to have a proposal on board.”

With wedding proposals come weddings, which can also take place on the Schooner Alliance or Serenity. It makes for a unique and exceptional venue to have a private ceremony while sailing on the York River. I mean, how many people can say they were married on a tall ship?

Wedding on Alliance“We can do the ceremony and a small reception all on board,” said Lohse, who mentioned she had a wedding ceremony booked this Friday. “Sometimes wedding parties go to the local restaurant after the sail and have a sit down dinner there, but a lot of time we have food on board and the boat trip is the whole event.”

The Alliance can hold up to 49 guests and the Serenity can carry up to 26, so they’re perfect for a small, intimate ceremony. Another perk about getting married on either the Serenity or Alliance, bookings only need to be made a month or two in advance.

If you want to impress your soon-to-be wife, take her on a sunset sail she’ll never forget.

You’ll truly be sailing off into the sunset.

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