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Come back aboard, Matey!

Due to popular demand, we’re going to extend the Pirate Cruises on Saturday’s only during the fall.¬† The weather and fun all year have been too much to stop right now.

Plus, who is going to patrol the Chesapeake in the fall months?

So if you missed out this weekend, you’re still in luck to book a pirate cruise before the season turns and the Serenity heads to port. This also makes a perfect and fun going back to school gift your children can enjoy, as they learn sailors lore from the Age of Sail. It will be a memorable¬† Saturday as they fire the cannons, steer the ship and help raise the sails during the journey, all while being surrounded by Pirates of the Chesapeake! It’s an adventure they won’t soon forget.

The trip begins at 11:30 a.m. Adults are $30 and kids are $18. Snack and beverages will be available for purchase aboard your 1.5 hour Yorktown Pirate Boat Tour.

Call to book your Pirate sail today at 757-639-1233, or walk the plank!




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